Industrial Concrete Repair Solutions

Concrete Repair Solutions for Industrial Facilities

If you are responsible for the maintenance of an industrial facility, then you know that concrete repair is a necessary part of keeping the facility in top condition. Over time, concrete can become damaged by weathering, traffic, and other wear and tear. When this happens, it is important to have concrete repair solutions that can quickly and effectively fix the damage.

Resimac has a wide range of concrete repair materials that can restore badly damaged surfaces and protect them from further wear and abrasion. Our product range includes fast-curing patch repair materials, lightweight screeds for overhead work, and polymer-modified cementitious screeds that eradicate dampness and prevent moisture ingress. We also offer a variety of specialized concrete repair solutions, contact us to see how we can help.

  • Fast curing, self-priming patch repairs
  • Lightweight screed for overhead sills and lintels
  • Heavy duty trowel applied screed for industrial surfaces
  • Chemical resistant screed for acids and solvents
  • Polymer-modified screed resisting 140psi negative hydrostatic pressure
  • Fast curing plug for sealing live leaks
  • Flexible, pourable expansion joint filler

Don't let concrete damage slow down your industrial facility. With Resimac concrete repair solutions, you can quickly and easily fix any concrete damage, ensuring that your facility can keep running smoothly