Marine Repair Kits for Industrial Maintenance and Repair

If you're looking for a comprehensive marine repair kit, look no further than Resimac. Our kits are based on a range of epoxy resin coatings and repair materials which enable the user to perform repairs to metallic and fiberglass (GRP)/ glass fiber surfaces.

The kits contain all the products and accessories required for engineers to repair pumps, valves, pipework, heat exchangers, reducers, flanges, and much much more. So whether you're in need of a quick fix or a long-term solution, Resimac has you covered.

    Repair Kits for Marine Applications

  • Emergency pipe repairs 0.5" to 42"
  • Encapsulate long lengths of pipe
  • Surface tolerant
  • Rebuild corroded metallic surfaces
  • Rebuild worn fiberglass (GRP)/ glass fibre surfaces
  • Restore and protect key onboard equipment

Call to inquire about our marine repair kits today and get your operation back up and running in no time.